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 Circle Minibook

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СообщениеCircle Minibook

4 sheets - 12 x 12 cardstock
4 sheets - patterned papers
Chipboard shapes

4 large circles from the cardstock. I used my largest dinner plate as a
template but you could use a compass or a circle cutter if you have

NB: before you start folding the cardstock cut a smaller
circle from plain white copy paper and use it as a practice piece – it
is worth it, honestly!! I used a 6 inch circle for practice after
ruining 3 sheets of cardstock.

1. Take your first circle (hopefully your practice sheet of paper) and fold it in half.
2. Open it up, turn it 90 degrees and fold it in half again. Your circle is now 4 quarters.
3. Open it up flat and make one final fold through 2 of the quarters dividing them into 1/8ths.
4. Using a bone folder go over all your fold both sides, this makes it easier to do the next step.
Now this is the only tricky bit and describing it in words may prove difficult so here goes...

the last fold (the eighths) between your index fingers and thumbs on
both sides of the circle and bring them together to meet in the middle –
you end up with a coffee filter shape.
Repeat this for each of your four circles.

the pages whilst they are flat, designate a top and bottom for your
smaller fold section. Make sure you cut the smaller sections to fit and
don’t try to make the paper go over the fold, it won’t look as nice in
the end. The spots and stripes sections in the photo are in two
pieces, not one.

still with me? Oh good!! ;) Now you can decorate your pages with
chipboards bits, flowers, ribbons etc and add photos and journaling.
the small top fold is free, I added some folded ribbons and lace with
DST holding it all in place and hung small chipboard shapes from a
narrow ribbon which I DST’d to the fold – I think it looks quite cute!
used some clear buttons and glued small offcuts of patterned papers to
the back of them, then threaded contrasting cotton through the holes.
Call me weird but buttons without thread bother me!!
Clear buttons backed with paper. Covered chipboard shapes hanging from fold.
your front and back covers but remember that if you are going to use
ribbon to hold your book closed, it’s a good idea to attach this before
you cover it, I have added mine afterwards and used chipboard and a brad
to attach it firmly to the outside covers. If you have a metal closure
you could use that instead.

Square Minibook
Patterned papers
Offcuts of chipboard
Brads/flowers and bling

cutting up and folding the actual cardstock I suggest you cut a 8 x 8
square from plain white copy paper and practice the fold. Once you have
the idea, you will get the 4 pages done without hiccup! Please don’t be
put off by the number of photos I have used to help make this – it is a
quick and simple book that looks a lot more involved than it actually

Cut four 8 x 8 squares from the cardstock and taking the first one, fold it in half. See fig 1
Open it up and fold it in half the other way. See fig 2
Open it up and fold it corner to corner to make a triangle. See fig 3
Open it up once more and fold it corner to corner the opposite way to make the last triangle.
Open it out and you should have something that looks like fig 4 I drew the lines on it so you could see where the folds are.

Fig 1 & Fig 2

Fig 3 & Fig 4
make the triangle pocket you need to take the bottom left corner
between your index finger and thumb and fold to a point. Fold this
triangle back against the top left square to form the pocket.
this process for all 4 pieces of 8 x 8 cardstock. That’s all the pages
made up and ready to decorate with your chosen patterned papers. It’s
much easier to decorate the pages whilst they are able to be laid flat
(honestly, believe me)!!

Use DST (double sided tape) to fix the triangle pocket in place.

Make 4 tags for your pockets from the offcuts of your cardstock if you used 12 x 12 sheets. Tag measurements are 4” x 3 ¼”

Decorate the tags with ribbons and paper ready for journaling or extra photos.

Once you have decorated the pages and stuck the pocket in place, you DST the
to each other and can then decorate the front cover. I used ribbon to
fasten the book shut because if you decide to use it as a display book,
you can tie the two covers together so that you have a square as in the
top photo.


Here's another Circle Minibook Annette prepared earlier...


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